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 All said and done...

Well folks... we knew it would eventually happen. We knew it as the game got older and older but now the time has arrived. We are closing the door on this chapter of our lives. World of Haven is coming to a close. We just can't maintain it any longer and for most of us the drive simply is no longer there. I've been along for the ride since the days of WoH and have been involved, either as player or contributor, ever since. That folks is a long time. I've never stuck with a game for as long as this. Even now, although I no longer really play it, I still find it difficult to let go of it. We have decided to move on to other things and have begun work on a NwN2 world. For all its warts it is drawing our interest. NwN1 just no longer holds it for us. Other than haks we've done it all. You guys have brought a great amount of enjoyment for me all these years. I've made many friends here and I hope to continue those friendships into other versions of our imagination. I admire the personalities I have been introduced to and will remember them fondly for many years. I hope you have enjoyed our little corner of the net and hope you remember us well. It's been a wild ride folks.

Just for the curious I'll let you in on a little of the future of our gaming interests. We're creating an NwN2 world called "Prime: Odyssey". It is about a world under assault from nature and civilization reduced to a single major city. It is about the forces of good and evil vying for control of the last outpost of humanity. A city built upon the remnants of other ancient cities that have created vast labyrinths of catacombs below the surface.

We've got all the groundwork laid out and are now in the process of building it. It looks to be a great project guided by Drews magnificent scripting abilities. It certainly holds promise of being a really cool mod with massive potential.

If you play NwN2 I hope you will drop in once it's live. We'd love to see you guys.

Until then we'll be hanging around and maintaining this forum for those who want to keep in touch. When the time comes we'll be taking this forum down and replacing it with a new forum for Prime. You're welcome to drop in and say hi anytime you like.

Peace my friends.

Good gaming and thanks for the memories.


Posted by Darkrob13 on Thursday, May 22 @ 18:44:34 MDT (5601 reads)
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 X2 Requirements

***Originally posted by Nevah***

In order for you to play on our world, you will require the following:

Complete Neverwinter Nights Collection 1.68 (Base Game + SoU + HOTU, or the Platinum Edition).
Community Expansion Pack (CEP) 2.0 (New Custom Content Files).
Tilesets Pack (Area Tileset Content Files).

In addition to these, you may want to download the Portrait Pack as well, which allows your character more choices for a portrait.

All of these are available in the downloads section HERE.

Posted by Darkrob13 on Monday, February 25 @ 14:12:02 MST (7172 reads)
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 X2 Build Status

Neverwinter Nights Topic***This was originally posted by Drew on our News forums but thought it good to be here as well.

Thanks Drew!***

Well, work continues on making WOHX2 ever better than before. Since the module is here to stay, at least for now, I'll keep improving & adding new stuff. Why? Because its my hobby and I often have insomnia.

I'm also not alone - our Builder staff includes DM's Nevah, Darkrob, and the returning Archon, as well as occasional contributions from everyone else. So give them a big thanks, they put out some really nice areas - including the new Florence (thanks to DM Darkrob) and DM Nevah's New Cadron's Hall of Kings.

Work continues, including :

- Recycling old areas or improving legacy ones
- upgrading monsters, either making them challenging, or nerfing them because they're too challenging
- new monsters made possible by the new models in CEP 2.0
- testing of the old WOHX custom PRC's (Prestige Classes) and their abilities
- upgrading and changing of many NWN stock spells to "expand" them to useful for Epics and against Epic foes.
- new items, new items, new items
- new guilds, new Factions, new villages, new cities
- removal of dross & other unused crud cloggin' up our module


Work has been done to lay the groundwork for a potential module in NWN2. However, it was decided that until the product is more stable, including a full featured and stable DM Client, we'll hold our horses on moving to NWN2.

It's also largely dependent on how much Obsidian is going to support it. Frankly, we've all been tremendously spoiled by Bioware, no other company has gone to such lengths to provide patches, new content, and fixes for a game long after its publication. Whatever issues we may have with Bioware concerning specific bugs or problems still present, I don't think anyone can deny Bioware really has "gone that extra mile" making NWN great - and still the best D&D multiplayer game out there.

Posted by Darkrob13 on Monday, February 25 @ 14:10:47 MST (4575 reads)
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 X2 Status

Neverwinter Nights TopicHey folks. This is just an update on where we stand with the idea of a new mod coming in to replace X2. As of yesterday it’s not going to happen. Due to situations and forces out of our control, and also due to the massive amount of work put into X2 (by Drew) in the last few months, we have decided, unanimously as a team, to shelve the idea.

What this means is there will be no vault wipe and there will be no item wipe. We are now going to put all of our combined effort into X2. In the next little while you will notice many changes (most of them additions) to X2. We will be combing through the old mod to import some of the more memorable areas and dungeons, retrofitting them (cleaning up/rebalancing) and introducing them to the current mod. We will be (eventually) adding another continent (Kaarkosa) and we will be reintroducing the bindstone system although we will be modifying it slightly. We will be revamping/repairing/updating our custom PrC system. We will be adding special things to most of our cities and towns to make them more desirable to align to.

Bottom line...Haven isn't going anywhere. Your characters will be here, their histories continue, and your accomplishments remain. Any changes you see will simply be imrpovements to what's already here. We hope you have come to consider this little corner of the Neverwinter Multiverse home, as we have.

So sit, take of your shoes, relax....stay awhile.

The Staff

Posted by Darkrob13 on Monday, February 25 @ 14:08:00 MST (4663 reads)
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