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World of Haven :: View topic - Allowable Gods and Domains in the Haven Pantheon
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Allowable Gods and Domains in the Haven Pantheon

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:41 pm    Post subject: Allowable Gods and Domains in the Haven Pantheon Reply with quote

The following is a list of the remaining deities of the Haven Pantheon. All other Deities are assumed to have fallen victim to 'The Fading' since the Shattering. The Domains listed with each Deity are the only allowable Domains for said Deity.
The only exception are the Good and Evil Domains. Even if these Domains are not listed for a Deity, a Cleric of their Faith can choose the corresponding alignment Domain, matching his own. Neutral Clerics, obviously, may not choose either the Good or Evil Domains.
Finally, it is worthwhile to note that the number of allowable Domains is not indicative of a Deity's relative power. It is more an indication of the diversity within the church, as some gods are worshipped in more than one aspect.

If you play a Cleric, and require a change of Domains to bring your character into accord with these rules, please post your request on the Character Alteration Request Forum.

Thank you for helping us to bring a touch more 'realism' and atmosphere to the Haven community.

And, as a 'perk' to help everyone enjoy the new touches to religion in Haven, I have it on good account that some, if not all, of the Clerical Domains are going to be updated to provide a bit more fun and potency for these important aspects of the DnD/NWN game.

Thanks again.


    Major Deities
    Amaunator Knowledge, Strength, Sun
    Assuran Air, Travel, War
    Auril Air, Evil
    Azuth Knowledge, Magic
    Bane Destruction, Evil, Strength
    Chauntea Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection
    Cyric Destruction, Evil, Trickery
    Gond Earth, Fire, Knowledge
    Helm Protection, Strength
    Ilmater Good, Healing, Strength
    Kelemvor Death, Protection, Travel
    Kossuth Destruction, Fire
    Malar Animal, Evil, Strength
    Mask Evil, Trickery
    Mielikki Animal, Good, Plant, Travel
    Mystra Knowledge, Magic
    Oghma Knowledge, Trickery
    Selūne Good, Protection, Travel
    Shar Evil, Knowledge
    Shaundakul Air, Protection, Travel
    Silvanus Animal, Plant, Protection, Water
    Sune Good, Protection
    Talone Death, Evil
    Talos Destruction, Evil, Fire
    Tempus Protection, Strength, War
    Torm Good, Healing, Protection, Strength
    Tymora Good, Protection, Travel
    Tyr Good, Knowledge, War
    Umberlee Destruction, Evil, Water
    Velsharoon Death, Evil, Magic
    Waukeen Knowledge, Protection, Travel

    Draconic Deities
    Aasternian Knowledge, Trickery
    Astilabor Protection, Travel
    Bahamut Air, Good, Protection
    Chronepsis Death, Knowledge
    Falazure Death, Evil
    Garyx Destruction, Evil, Fire
    Hlal Good, Trickery
    Io Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Travel
    Lendys Destruction, Protection
    Tamara Good, Healing, Strength, Sun
    Tiamat Destruction, Evil, Trickery

    Drow Deities
    Eilistraee Good, Travel
    Ghaunadaur Earth, Evil, Water
    Kiaransalee Evil, Death
    Lolth Evil, Destruction, Trickery
    Selvetarm Evil, War
    Vhaeraun Evil, Trickery

    Dwarven Deities
    Abbathor Evil, Trickery
    Berronar Truesilver Good, Healing, Protection
    Clangeddin Silverbeard Good, Strength, War
    Deep Duerra Evil, War
    Dugmaren Brightmantle Good, Knowledge
    Dumathoin Earth, Knowledge, Protection
    Gorm Gulthyn Good, Protection, War
    Haela Brightaxe Good, War
    Laduguer Evil, Magic, Protection
    Marthammor Duin Good, Protection, Travel
    Moradin Earth, Good, Protection
    Sharindlar Good, Healing
    Vergadain Good or Evil, Trickery

    Elven Deities
    Aerdrie Faenya Air, Animal, Good
    Angharradh Good, Knowledge, Plant, Protection
    Corellon Larethian Good, Magic, Protection, War
    Deep Sashelas Good, Knowledge, Water
    Erevan Ilesere Good or Evil, Trickery
    Fenmarel Mestarine Animal, Plant, Travel
    Hanali Celanil Good, Magic, Protection
    Labelas Enoreth Good, Knowledge
    Rillifane Rallathil Good, Plant, Protection
    Sehanine Moonbow Good, Magic, Knowledge, Travel
    Shevarash Destruction, War
    Solonor Thelandira Good, Plant, War

    Gnome Deities
    Baervan Wildwanderer Animal, Good, Plant, Travel
    Baravar Cloakshadow Good, Magic, Protection, Trickery
    Callarduran Smoothhands Earth, Knowledge
    Flandal Steelskin Earth, Good
    Gaerdal Ironhand Good, Protection, War
    Garl Glittergold Good, Protection, Trickery
    Segojan Earthcaller Earth, Good
    Urdlen Earth, Evil

    Halfling Deities
    Arvoreen Good, Protection, War
    Brandobaris Good or Evil, Trickery
    Cyrrollalee Good, Healing
    Sheela Peryroyl Air, Plant
    Urogalan Earth, Protection
    Yondalla Good, Healing, Protection

    Orc Deities
    Bahgtru Evil, Strength
    Gruumsh Evil, Strength, War
    Ilneval Destruction, Evil, War
    Luthic Earth, Evil, Healing
    Shargaas Evil, Trickery
    Yurtrus Death, Destruction, Evil

**3/22/06 Removed Uthgar from list.
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